What Really Happened

“On the night of January 19th, I got assaulted by George Eric Farge, manager & owner of George’s Kitchen in midtown on North Miami Avenue and 38th street in Miami, FL. After expressing to him that I felt discontent with the snobby service & mediocre food and it would be reviewed on my blog he pushed me and said “i will destroy you” if you do that. When I stood my ground and told him I would call the police if he touched me again he called me a ‘faggot’. I told him I would ensure that his gay-bashing and bullying comment would be included in my review. Infuriated, he then savagely head butted me, swinging me to where I almost fell in traffic and could have been hit by oncoming cars. I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous since the ATTACK, a concussion at best I believe.

“I called the Police. Officer Herrera wrote the report. Case #130119-019761. I am charging George Eric Farge with assault and battery.”

Police Report Against George Eric Farge

Police Report Against George Eric Farge

We cannot let individuals like this come into our community and bully us, marginalize us and degrade us with both verbal and physical force. I am disappointed that his reaction was one of violence and bigotry. I hope that this page lends itself as a warning to those considering lending patronage to any of this man-animal’s 3 restaurants: George’s Kitchen in Midtown, George’s Kitchen in South Miami & George’s in the Grove…

14 thoughts on “What Really Happened

  1. Well done DiMarco!… many people get this kind of treatment at Restaurants, and if everyone would not fail to stand up and tell them in their face, we would contribute to a better city itself… ;-)

  2. Wow, that sucks you were assualted. I just wanted to make a correction that George Farge doesn’t own the location in the Grove nor has he for over a year now. He is franchising out and the restaurant in the Grove is owned entirely by a couple. The other two locations are still owned by him.

  3. “Farge has been in business 30 years and that in that time nothing like this has happened before.” That statement is complete bullshit! Years back, I lived in Coconut Grove. We had just been hit by a hurricane, either Katrina, Rita or Wilma (can’t remember which). Residents were stumbling out of their home, which were without power, desperate for some sustenance. My girl and I went to Le Bouchon (that George Eric-Farge still owned at the time), where we each ordered a monstrous breakfast that offered the works – a pricey breakfast at that. When the server brought our food, we were each given a glass of water (with dirt that had settled at the bottom of the glass) and a pancake. The server informed us that they had run out of everything else, which we totally understood, given the circumstances. When the server later brought us the check, to my complete dismay, they were charging us as if we had received our full breakfast with the works. When I disputed the bill, the server quickly called George over. When I told George that I wasn’t going to be paying the bill as received and expected only to be charged for what we did receive and consume, he accused me of being “cheap” and “just wanting to eat for free” in front of a room full of patrons. I told him he was price-gouging and taking advantage of people in the middle of a bad situation. He exploded. He called me a “cheap faggot” and insulted my “gay hat”. He then said “fine, get the hell out here, you broke faggot!” All the while, he was shoving me out onto the street. I have sworn ever since to never go to any restaurant owned by this animal. I find it all to easy to believe Ricardo Barea’s account of what happened. George-Eric Farge is a violent bigot. I find it almost impossible to believe that there haven’t been more incidents such as these over the years involving him, given his temper and how he is willing to treat a paying customer when questioned.

    • Hello Alexander:

      Thank you for your contribution and your story. There are people out there that will continue to violate the rights of others if not checked. I applaud you on your courage and willingness to stand up for the truth. The truth is the most important thing that we as Americans should promote and hold strong. While there will be others who may have more money, lawyers and publicists than us, it is our 1st amendment right to speak on our experiences and feelings. Your comment has given me renewed hope in us as citizens of this great country. I am sure if there are two of us that experienced the attacks of George Eric Farge there may be more. For this reason this site will remain live and a testament to the power that we as a people have been granted by the genius of our fore fathers in the Constitution. It is more than a web page documenting an incident but a reminder of our rights and out duties as Americans. Truth shall always prevail!

      Ricardo Barea

  4. I recently dined at Georges midtown and I feel the same way..mediocre food, high prices, pretentious ambiance & clueless service. I did not like George or his vibe at all. I felt his arrogance and unfriendliness.. We were one of a few tables there, with more employees than customers. The management decided to play with the lights while we were dining. Just a waste of our money, time and an overall disappointing dining experience. After reading this story and as a restaurant owner myself, I am appalled by his reaction. I feel it is a customers right to speak up, and I even encourage it whether it is good or bad. I want to hear, so I may learn from it and better my establishment.
    I did not share my views with any staff or management that night (maybe a should have) but I felt that he wouldn’t have cared anyway. I just I knew I would never return nor recommend this place to anyone. Good for you for speaking up. What a sad, lame addition to the neighborhood.

    • Hi Liza:

      Thank you for speaking about your experience. I agree with your perspective on the correct approach to take as a restauranteur on a paying customer’s comments and feedback. You will surely be successful in your business (if not already) by maintaining this mindset and focus towards listening and improvement. I would love to support you and your business one day soon, fee free to write me a private message so I can attend ;)


      A Foodie

  5. I recall going to his Grove restaurant once when he first open, I took my girlfriend for brunch…. and…… guess what happened.
    While in the middle of eating a mediocre non-confit “Duck Confit Pizza”, which it’s besides the point. This lunatic verbally abused and bullied a server in front of everyone. For what it seemed to be a normal mistake which didn’t directly affect anyone and it’s understandable for a new restaurants.

    After the incident, he loudly told the entire place. “THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH….FREE CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE” . Guess what I did….. Check please…..And Im out.

    Im in the business and have never ever ever, spoken to anyone in my establishments like that.

    That was my first and last time I ever stepped into one his restaurants.

    • It is an embarrassment that he gives such a bad name to such a great industry!

      It seems like his go-to Customer Service technique is to drown people in overstock Champagne. Well I am very sorry messier, not everyone can be ‘bought’ with the cheap watered down position you arrogantly interject in the place of your humanity.

      i feel sad for those who work under him and with him. Surely, this is not a safe environment.

      It is sad when people lose their souls. I no longer feel upset for this man George, i feel pity….

  6. Use to work there I remember next of incident manager confirming that george hit some on the face then they got order to run and turn off cameras before police arrive I dont have nothing personal against him or restaurant but I dont like people bulling others

  7. for your info, george is getting weed from his employees, and his son is gay, which might explained the hatred he have toward gay people

  8. I am just horrified with your experience. It seems this man is consumed with ego and I will not be visiting this establishment. Thanks for the heads up. I commend you for your blog .
    I produce a large food & wine festival and all my restaurant reps, chefs as well as owners especially do not handle themselves in this manner.

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